Dodo Pizza Delivery Inspection

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  • You can’t place an order for a fixed time;
  • Check your delivery zone with the help of recognizer on website;
  • Study the Driver check-up form form;
  • Prepare the timer. You will need to know the exact time of delivery.

Make the order

Web site order:

  1. Place the order on, or;

Checking cameras

  1. Go to, or;
  2. Open the “Camera” section;
  3. Click “Play”;
  4. Make a screenshot. The screenshot must have:
    1. Camera window;
    2. Box with staff on the shift.

Attach the screenshot to the report.

Make photos

Evaluate the temperature of the pizza right away by touching the bottom of the box. It is also important to take a picture of the product right after you receive it, within 3 minutes.

All photos should look like in the instruction below:

Fill out the Driver's work evaluation form

You need to fill in Driver check-up form before you post the report on the wall of a closed community of Mystery shoppers. While submitting the report, please, specify:

  1. City / town where you carried out the inspection;
  2. Address of the pizzeria;
  3. Object under inspection - delivery;
  4. The filled out forms (driver and the operator check-up forms mentioned above);
  5. 7 photos with names, according to delivery photo report example;
  6. The cameras on the web-site status (working / not working). If the camera is out of order, provide a screenshot of the nonoperating camera window;
  7. Pizza name.