Dodo Pizza Restaurant Inspection

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Thoroughly study the Restaurant check-up form.

Attention! Study the questions of the form before the visit. It is important to know what product you are going to check.

Photo report. Quality check-up (8 photos)

Attention! Photo report has to be done right after taking the product, right in the restaurant. Otherwise your report won’t be accepted.

Drink: it is essential to take a picture of the drink (coffee or milkshake) right after you get it, within 1-2 minutes.

Product: it is essential to take a picture of the drink right after you get it, within 3 minutes (All photos should look like in the instruction below).

Fill out the Restaurant check-up form form

It can be done:

In the restaurant. It is important to follow the order: first make the photo report, then fill out the form.

At home. Before you post the report on the wall of a closed community of Mystery shoppers. While submitting the report, please, specify:

  1. City / town where you carried out the inspection;
  2. Address of the pizzeria which served you;
  3. Object under inspection - restaurant;
  4. The filled out forms (the restaurant check-up form mentioned above);
  5. 8 photos with names, according to Restaurant photo report example;
  6. Pizza name;
  7. Name of the drink.