Dodo Pizza Express Food Court Inspection

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Pay attention to the service

In advance, carefully study the Dodo Express Food Court Restaurant check-up form.

Photo report. Quality check-up (8 photos)

Attention! Photo report has to be done right after taking the product, right in the restaurant. Otherwise your report won’t be accepted.

Make an order and take a picture of the drink right after you get it

Order any pizza and drink (coffee or a cocktail, depending on the conditions of the check). Take a picture of a drink right after you get it without a lid. If you want to order more than 2 drinks, you can make a second order with additional positions after you get your pizza.

The payment for the food court check will be: the cost of 2 middle pizzas 30 cm and 2 drinks.

*You can't use promo codes or dodo-currency. If there are additional products in your order which go through the oven (for example, dodster, potatos, pizza, etc.), we will not be able to accept your report.

Take pictures

Take pictures of pizza after you get it, within 3 minutes (All photos should look like in the instruction below).

Fill out the Dodo Express Food Court check-up form

You can fill in Dodo Express Food Court after you take all the pictures or at home before you post the report in a closed community of Mystery shoppers. While submitting the report, please, specify:

  1. City / town where you performed a check;
  2. Address of the pizzeria;
  3. Type of the check - food court;
  4. The form is filled (Dodo Express Food Court form mentioned above);
  5. 10 photos with names, according to food court photo report example;
  6. Pizza name;
  7. Name of a drink.

Wait for our comment under your report. If your report is accepted, then on Wednesday we will transfer you dodo-currency or promotional codes for a good report!