Instruction for a Mystery shopper of «Dodo Pizza»

Conditions of participation

  1. Current information:
    • Make sure the photos are bright and clear and taken in proper lightin;
    • Take several shots in a row;
    • Don’t write anything in the picture itself. Give all the descriptions in the comments. Nothing must interfere with our evaluation of the whole product
    • Switch off the flash, filters or any other effects that can distort the real picture;
    • All the pictures must agree with the examples given in the checklist.
  2. Follow a number of simple rules:
    • Pay for the order in cash;
    • Exception: in the restaurant you can pay by a credit card;
    • Make the report only according to the inspection schedule;
    • Confirm the inspection by filling in the notification form.
    • Notification form - is a reminding sent to the secret shopper by message in FB social network 2 days before the inspection date;
    • A ready report has to be posted on the wall of a closed community of Mystery shoppers.


  1. Your service is paid by bonuses (Dodo- currency) at a double rate;

    Dodo-currency - are virtual money which can be used to pay for the orders on Dodo web-site (, or any time. Dodo-currency are transferred to the accounts of the registered users of, or

    For example:

    • Restaurant inspection: value of 2 pizzas (25 cm.) + price of 2 drinks;
    • Delivery inspection: value of 2 pizzas (25/30/35 cm (depending on your order).

  2. Your service is paid by bonuses (Dodo- currency) at a double rate;

Important! If your inspection takes place this week, the bonuses will be charged only on Wednesday next week.