Appointment for the inspection

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The staff of the store, their friends and family members can’t be inspectors. If you join Dodo Pizza as an employee, inform us by a Facebook message.

1. What should I do if there are no vacant inspections?

There is a weekly post on Facebook which tells about vacant inspections. Follow Facebook page news.

2. A new Dodo store has opened in my town. When will you start inspections there?

At the beginning, stores do inspections by themselves.
The period of self-inspections lasts for 4 weeks.

3. How many inspections can I do in a month?

You can do only one inspection a month.

4. What if I can’t/don’t want to do an inspection I was assigned to?

If you wanna cancel the checkup press the button Cancel the checkup in the chat window.

Send a message to Emma Jones with a request to sign you up as a backup inspector. If the scheduled inspector cancels the inspection—you will be assigned to it.

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