Get a pizza for free

Sign up, order pizza, take a few pictures, send them to us and get promo codes for two pizzas.

Terms and conditions

Instructions for mystery shoppers and kitchen inspectors

What to do

  1. Сhoose the store you wanna check, the date when you can make a checkup order, specify the type of order you can place: delivery or dine-in.
  2. Place an order and take a few pictures of the products on the appointed day.
  3. Fill out a checkup form and post the pictures on our page.
  4. If you want to make a report, click on the link, it takes you to our chat .


A mystery shopper places an order and pays for it. After the checkup report is accepted, the mystery shopper gets two promocodes for a free pizza.

The promo codes are sent on Wednesdays before 18:00 (Moscow time).

are sent

On Wednesday

Why do we need mystery shoppers

Dodo Pizza is a large chain and we seek to ensure that at any store at any country our pizza has equally great taste and the staff offers our guests equally sincere and friendly service. Mystery shoppers send us pictures from all over the world and each week an expert jury reviews every picture in search of violations of quality standards, gives each store rating scores from 0 to 100 and publishes the results on the platform shared with all the staff including pizza makers and cashiers.

Mystery shopper’s report is a first-hand experience that allows us to look at the store through customers’ eyes, reveal systematic mistakes and eventually become better.

That is why we appreciate mystery shoppers’ contribution so much.