Kitchen Inspection Guide

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Inspectors come to the store, enter the kitchen and take pictures prescribed by the checklist, sends them to us and receive promocodes for two 30 cm pizzas.

Before the inspection:

Prepare your camera,
tablet or smartphone

Take your ID: passport or driver licence.
Show it to the shift supervisor

Read the checklist

During the inspection

Inspector can come during specific hours only:

  • Sunday—Thursday: from the opening to 2:00 p.m. or from 7:00 p.m. to at least 2 hours before closing.
  • Friday—Saturday: from the opening to 3:00 p.m.

Enter the kitchen through the central door, ask the cashier to call the supervisor and explain that you’ve come to do a kitchen inspection.

Change to sanitary clothes in the staff room. You will be given a disposable cap, shoe covers, a coat, and gloves);

Observe hygiene:

  • wash and sanitize hands first.
  • put on the gloves.
  • use a napkin to touch dishes, tools, door handles, etc.
  • do not put the checklist and photo equipment on tables and other surfaces in the kitchen.

The pictures should be of proper quality and comply with the checklist requirements:

  • take pictures strictly in the order given in the checklist,
  • all markings and labels must be clear in focus,
  • all photos must be clear, bright, free of filters and have natural colors.

Be friendly and respectful to the staff. Don’t make comments.

After the inspection:

Within 5 hours after your visit to the store, post the photos on the Inspections page and fill out the inspection form we sent to the chat.

Making improvements

If the report lacks some pictures, we will have to ask you to go to the store again. Post them in the comments to your report.


If the report is not improved within 24 hours, the inspection will be annulled and you won’t get the promo codes. The inspection will be assigned to another inspector.

If you get ill and can’t do the inspection, let us know by a message.