Dodo Pizza Kitchen Inspection

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How to sign up for this inspection?

Fill out the schedule of opportunities. We’ll send you a message on Facebook at the end of the month if you get a check.

You should make a check at certain time;

  • Sunday to Thursday - since opening to 2 p.m. or since 7 p.m. to at least 2 hours before closing.
  • Friday to Saturday - since opening to 3 p.m.

Before the inspection:

Prepare your camera,
tablet or smartphone

Take your ID: passport or driver licence.
Show it to the manager

Open a checklist

During the inspection

  1. Make sure you try to get to the kitchen through the right door of the building. For example, if the pizzeria does not have a central entrance or it is closed, use the back door (staff entry). If you can not find the door you need, text Mary Jones
  2. Change clothes in the staff room (you will be given a cap, shoe covers, a robe, gloves);
  3. Practice proper hygiene:
    • wash hands and use a special antiseptic at the beginning of the inspection;
    • put on the gloves;
    • take all the inventory only with a paper napkin;
    • do not put a checklist and photo equipment on tables and other surfaces in the kitchen;
    • do not take the dishes with your hands without gloves.
  4. Take good quality pictures, similar to the check-list photos;
    • take pictures strictly in the order presented in the checklist;
    • all markings and labels must be in focus and clearly seen;
    • all photos must be clear, bright, without distorted color rendition and filters.
  5. Behave correctly. Be polite.

After the inspection:

Within 5 hours after making a photo report, post it in the group Kitchen Inspectors Reports. Fill out a form

Finalization of the report

If we ask you to take more pictures (some of them are missing in your report), you need to visit pizzeria again, take additional pictures and post them in the comments to your report.


If the report is not finalized within 24 hours, the inspection will be canceled. We won’t pay for it. Another inspector will be assigned to this inspection.

If you get sick, warn Mary Jones about canceling the check. Employees have the right not to let an inspector with signs of disease to perform an inspection.

Pizzeria employees and their friends are not allowed to participate. If you are a Dodo Pizza inspector and got a job at a pizzeria, text Mary Jones.

Your report is accepted

Payment for inspections made from the 1st to the 15th is paid on the third Friday of the month, from the 16th to the 31st - on the first Friday of the following month until 18:00 Moscow Time.