Declined Reports

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1. My report was not accepted. Will I get the promo codes?

Mystery shoppers or inspectors get promo codes only if their reports meet the “requirements”. If the report doesn’t comply with the rules, we don’t accept it and don’t send promo codes.

2. Why was the report declined?

The reasons can be as follows:

  • it doesn’t meet the requirements,
  • the mystery shopper placed a future order,
  • the order is delivered from another store,
  • the pictures for dine-in inspection were taken outside the store,
  • the top view picture was taken after the slices were turned over to show the pizza bottom,
  • the top view picture was taken at an angle,
  • a picture is missing,
  • pevaluation can’t be properly done due to poor quality of the pictures (blurred, too light or too dark),
  • the checkup form is not filled out,
  • the staff of the store sent a complaint about the inspector’s improper behavior.

3. Why did you decline the kitchen inspection report?

  • evaluation can’t be properly done due to poor quality of the pictures,
  • the inspector didn’t make the required improvements to the report on time,
  • some pictures are missing and the inspector refuses or fails to add them within 24 hours.

4. My previous reports were accepted but the present one wasn’t. Why?

We seek to improve the procedures by changing instructions and introducing new criteria. You might have missed some important information and didn’t consider it while making the inspection. To avoid this in the future, check the instructions before every inspection.

5. Is it necessary to fill out the form after the inspection?

Yes, it is. The rating scores are based on the information from the form. Without the form your report is incomplete.

6. My report was not accepted due to a lack of one picture, but another report with a missing photo was accepted. Why?

The report can be accepted in spite of a missing photo if the photo is:

  • crust edges from the side at a slight angle,
  • pizza bottom at an angle (if there is a good picture of the pizza bottom from the top),
  • pizza bottom (pizza bottom at an angle),
  • pizza at an angle;
  • tray,
  • cup at an angle (the promocodes will not include drinks),
  • receipt,
  • pizza box (you’ll get only one promocode).

The report won’t be accepted if the missing photo is:

  • pizza from the top,
  • crust edges,
  • there is not a single picture of the pizza bottom.

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