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1. My report was not accepted. Will they pay for it?

We have requirements described in “Dodo Pizza mystery shopper instructions” and we pay for the work only if it meets them. If the report doesn’t comply with our requirements, we don’t transfer Dodo money or promo codes.

2. Why did you decline my pizza inspection report?

  • the Dodo Pizza mystery shopper instructions were violated;
  • the order contained an additional product prepared in the oven or microwave oven (corn, other pizzas, nuggets, dodster, sandwiches etc.);
  • the order was made for a deferred time;
  • the pictures were taken outside the pizzeria or in a car;
  • top view picture was made after the slices were turned over to show the bottom of the pizza;
  • the top view picture is taken at an angle;
  • a prescribed picture is missing;
  • poor quality of pictures hinders appropriate evaluation (dark, blurred, too light);
  • the form is not filled out;
  • you used a promo code or dodo-money to cover all the costs;
  • you didn’t confirm the check within 12 hours;
  • there is a complaint in Facebook or by email ( about the inspection.

3. Why did you decline my standards inspection (kitchen inspection) report?

  • poor quality of pictures hinders appropriate evaluation;
  • report wasn’t improved after remarks of Dodo Controlling;
  • some pictures are missing and the inspector refuses or fails to improve the report within 24 hours;
  • you didn’t confirm the check within 12 hours.

4. My previous reports were accepted but the present one wasn’t. Why?

We are continuously improving our mystery shoppers performance by changing instructions and introducing new criteria. You might have missed some important information and didn’t consider it while making the inspection. To avoid this - check the instructions every time before inspection.

5. Is it necessary to fill out the form after the inspection?

Yes, it is. Rating scores are based on the information from the form. Without the form your report can’t be considered complete.

6. I didn’t get a full double rate payment. Why?

We cover your costs only if:

  • you ordered the wrong size of pizza;
  • you used a promo code;
  • the picture of the pizza edge is not made according to the instructions (only two pieces must be in frame, in the picture there are 4 slices);
  • your report is missing a picture (standards inspection).

We pay only for pizza if:

  • in the picture of the drink the cup is covered with the lid;
  • you didn’t take a picture of the drink right after you got it;
  • there is no picture of the cup at an angle.

7. I do not have one photo in my report and my report was not accepted, but another report with a missing photo was accepted. Why?

We can accept your report with a note if you do not have one of the following photos:

  • pizza edge at an angle;
  • pizza bottom at an angle (if there is a good picture of the Pizza bottom);
  • pizza bottom (if there is a good picture of Pizza Bottom at an angle);
  • pizza at an angle;
  • general view of the tray;
  • cup at an angle (the payment will be without a drink, only for a pizza);
  • product receipt (all information we have in our system Dodo IS, for each order);
  • pizza in the closed box (we will cover only your costs).

We can’t accept your report if you do not have one of the following photos:

  • pizza top view;
  • pizza edge;
  • there is not a single picture of the Pizza bottom.

8. What can I buy with Dodo money?

Dodo money can be used to pay for any product on the website. The promo code gives you the right to order specific products. For example, you will get two promo codes, which you can spend on any middle pizzas 30 cm after delivery check.

9. Can I use Dodo money or promo codes to pay for orders placed by phone?

Dodo money or promo codes can be spent only on the website ( / / / / Only several towns/cities allow to use Dodo money or promo codes to pay for orders by phone.

10. Can I use Dodo money to pay for the whole amount of order (if I am not at the inspection)?

Yes, you can if you have enough Dodo money on your account. You can use any amount (for example, a half).

11. Can I spend Dodo money or promo codes and take my order from the pizzeria?

Yes, you can. You can place an order on the website ( / / / and tick the “carryout” point. Your order will be ready in 15-20 minutes.

12. When do Dodo money or promo codes expire?

Dodo money and promo codes have no expiration date. You can use them any time.

13. I didn’t receive payment at the appointed time. What can be the problem?

Apply to the facebook page admin - Mary Jones

14. If I didn’t receive payment at the appointed time can I apply to Contact-center to solve the problem?

No, you can’t. By doing this you reveal yourself and we will have to stop our cooperation . You should text Mary Jones

15. Can I exchange Dodo money or promo codes to real money?

No, you can’t. At the moment payment is made in Dodo money or promo codes only.

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