Delivery Checkup

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Key rules:

  • The report must be sent on the day of the checkup. Otherwise, we cannot accept it;
  • Do the checkup on the appointed day only;
  • If you wanna cancel the checkup press the button Cancel the checkup in the chat window;
  • Take the pictures exactly as shown in the example photo. The pictures should be clear with good lighting, turn off the flash and don’t apply filters. Fuzzy photos or pictures of low-resolution may not be accepted. Keep the pictures clear of any text. Give all the descriptions in the comments to the post.
  • Try to keep the fact that you are a mystery shopper in secret. If you want to send a complaint about the product quality or service, don’t mention you are a mystery shopper.

Check if your address is in the delivery zone

  • Romania
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania
  • Slovenia
  • England
  • Nigeria
  • Germany
  • Vietnam
  • Armenia
  • Poland
  • Türkiye
  • Check if your address is in the delivery zone. If the order is delivered from another store we will not accept your report and you will not get the promo codes.
  • If the link for delivery zone check is displayed incorrectly, please open this page in incognito mode of your Internet browser and check your address again.

Get ready for the checkup

Before placing the order, read the Delivery checkup form carefully to be aware of what you need to pay attention to. The link to the form will be sent in the dialog.

Place a delivery order and time it

Note the time from the moment the order is made to the moment you get your pizza.

Don’t use promo codes!

Take the pictures

Right after you get the pizza, touch the bottom of the box to check its temperature. Take the pictures of the product within 3 minutes after the pizza is delivered. Don’t shake the box or turn it over. The product in the pictures should look exactly as it was delivered.

All photos should look exactly as described in the instruction below:

Send a report

Fill out the form following the link in the dialog.

Wait for our message. If the report is accepted you will receive the promo codes on Wednesday in a message.