Pizza inspection

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1. Can I use the promos or discounts offered in the pizzeria at the time of inspection?

You can use only automatic promotional offers. Automatic promotional offers don’t need a promo code. You can't use promo codes or dodo-currency. If there are additional products in your order which go through the oven (for example, dodster, potatos, pizza, etc.), we will not be able to accept your report.

2. I can’t perform the inspection at the given time. What do I have to do?

Inform Mary Jones that you want to perform the inspection later or earlier.

3. What else can I order with the pizza when I perform the inspection?

You can add only those product that are not made in the oven.

You can order: tea, coffee, bottled drinks.

You can’t order: nuggets, potatoes, another pizza, sandwiches. All these products prolong the waiting time. To get products place an additional another order

4. If I come with a group of people and one pizza is obviously not enough, can I order more than just one?

No, you can’t. The receipt should contain only one product that is under inspection. You can place another order (with another receipt) with additional products.

Send a message to Mary Jones with a request to sign you up as a backup inspector. If the scheduled inspector fails to complete his task — you will be assigned to the inspection.

5. Which pizza do I need to order?

The product that you need to order is specified in the message. For delivery check it is alwaws big pizza (35 cm.) and at restaurant you can choose any size of pizza.

6. How can I take a picture of the dining room without being revealed by the pizzeria staff?

Try not to attract too much attention.

The project has a rule that a mystery shopper can make only one inspection a month.

It’s quite improbable that they will remember you for just one inspection.

You can take the pictures of the dining room after you have got the order and inspect sanitation.

7. What do I need to do if the coffee machine in the restaurant is broken?

If the coffee machine doesn’t work, you should order 0.2 tea and describe the situation in the comments to the form.

8. How much money do I will I have to spend to perform the inspection?

The prices of the products are available at / / / /

9. I want to check delivery, but my address is out of the delivery zone of this restaurant. Can I order to the address that is in the zone, drive there and take the order?

No, you can’t. When inspecting delivery, you are supposed to order to a particular address within the delivery zone. Carryout is not delivery.

10. What should I do if I receive a bad product for evaluation?

If during the inspection you received a bad product, then you must take pictures of it and prepare the photo report according to the instructions. These photos of this pizza can not be sent to the partner group and / or to the feedback mail for compensation. Remember that we pay you double costs for the check.

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