1. Can I use deals or discounts when buying the products for the checkup?

You can use only the offers that don’t need a promo code.

2. I can’t do a checkup at the given time. What do I have to do?

Inform us that you want to do the checkup at a different time.

3. Can I add something else to the checkup order?

You can add any product.

4. What pizza do I need to order for the checkup?

The product that you need to order will be specified in the Facebook message.

5. How can I take a picture of the dining room without being revealed by the staff?

Take pictures of the dining room after you get the order..

Don’t attract too much attention.

A mystery shopper can make only one inspection a month. So, the staff will not remember you.

6. What do I need to do if the coffee machine is broken?

If the coffee machine doesn’t work, you should order 0.2 tea and leave a note about it in the comments to the form.

7. How much money do I have to spend to do the inspection?

The prices of the products are available at the Dodo Pizza websites of our country.

8. I want to check delivery, but my address is not in the delivery zone. Can I order to the address that is in the zone, drive there and take the order?

No, you can’t. When doing a delivery checkup, you are supposed to order to a particular address within the delivery zone. Takeaway order is not an option either.

9. What should I do if the product is really bad?

If you get a bad product, you should take pictures according to the instructions. Don’t send them to the store anywhere else.

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