Do you want a free pizza?

Become a Dodo mystery shopper. Order pizza and make a photo report.

Instructions for mystery shoppers and kitchen inspectors

Working as a mystery shopper

  1. Choose the dates when you are available to perform a check. We make a month's schedule of inspections based on your availability. If you fill in the schedule of opportunities, it doesn't guarantee that you get a check. Do not carry out checks without our confirmation.
  2. On the right day you need to order:
    • a pizza for delivery;
    • a pizza and a drink at the restaurant.
  3. Fill out a form, take pictures of the products and post them in our Facebook community. You can see an example of the report on the right.


Mystery shoppers acting as ordinary customers place orders and pay with their own money. After the report is accepted, the costs are reimbursed a double amount of dodo-currency or promo codes.

Dodo money is a virtual currency that can be used for paying orders on our website or at our restaurant. If there is no loyalty system in your city, then we will send you promo codes.

Payments are made on Wednesdays before 18:00 (Moscow time). You need to be registered on our site to get the payment.

Do not perform checks without confirmation of Mary Jones. We won't accept your report.

We transfer Dodo money and
send promo codes

On Wednesday

Why do we need mystery shoppers

There are few pizzerias which can maintain constant quality. We know places where the quality of dough, final product and service solely depend on the talent of its staff. This doesn’t guarantee that in different pizzerias of one brand you will enjoy equally high quality. In such circumstances pizza is like a lottery. We do our best to ensure constant quality throughout the entire chain and apart from the staff’s talents, we place great emphasis on diligent observation of standards. We rely on meticulous monitoring on all levels.

Mystery shoppers’ function is to find violations. They visit pizzerias or order delivery to test the quality of product and service.

Every week a jury of experts reviews pictures made by mystery shoppers. Pizzerias are evaluated on the basis of 118 criteria which range from cashiers’ friendliness to color and width of the pizza edge. Every week each pizzeria receives a score from 0 to 100. The best pizzerias get bonuses and we help others to improve their quality. Pizzerias with persisting low scores run the risk of being excluded from the chain.