Mystery Shopper Guide

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Where do I start?

If you want to make a report, click on the link, it takes you to our chat.

Key rules:

  • The report must be sent on the day of the checkup. Otherwise, we cannot accept it;
  • Do the checkup on the appointed day only;
  • If you wanna cancel the checkup press the button Cancel the checkup in the chat window;
  • Take the pictures exactly as shown in the example photo. The pictures should be clear with good lighting, turn off the flash and don’t apply filters. Fuzzy photos or pictures of low-resolution may not be accepted. Keep the pictures clear of any text. Give all the descriptions in the comments to the post.
  • Try to keep the fact that you are a mystery shopper in secret. If you want to send a complaint about the product quality or service, don’t mention you are a mystery shopper.

You can be expelled from the project if:

  • you are disrespectful or rude in communication with Dodo Controlling,
  • you use someone else's pictures or report false information about the checkup,
  • you try to contact the staff of the store, offer them help or information,
  • you reveal yourself as a mystery shopper and employees know you in person,
  • you join Dodo Pizza as an employee,
  • you have friends working for Dodo Pizza,
  • you apply from several different profiles.


  • Mystery shoppers place an order and use their own money to pay for it. After the report is accepted, they get two promo codes: the first one as compensation for the costs and the second one as a reward.
    1. dine-in and foodcourt: two 30 cm pizzas + 2 coffees (if the store sells coffee),
    2. delivery: two 30 cm pizzas.
  • Promo codes are sent on Wednesdays before 18:00 (Moscow time).
  • Important! If you do the checkup this week, the promo codes are sent on Wednesday next week.

Types of checks:

If you still have questions, check out the FAQ.