Instruction for a Mystery shopper of «Dodo Pizza»

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Where do I start? Sign up for the check:

Fill out the schedule of opportunities. We’ll send you a message on Facebook at the end of the month if you get a check.

Basic rules are:

  • make a report only according to the inspection schedule;
  • confirm your check with a reply message to our reminder on Facebook, which we send 3 days before the check. You need to reply within 12 hours;
  • if you don’t confirm the check, then do not perform it. It won’t be paid! Contact us..
  • if you are not ready to make a report, text Mary Jones;
  • take pictures exactly as in the photo examples: clear and with good lighting, without flash and filters. Fuzzy photos or low-resolution photos can lead to the fact that the report will not be accepted;
  • don’t write anything in the picture itself. Give all the descriptions in the comments.
  • text Mary Jones, if you start working for «Dodo Pizza»;
  • do not tell anyone that you are a Dodo Mystery Shopper;;
  • if you decide to leave a response or complaint on Facebook pages of your pizzeria or when texting to, do it on behalf of an ordinary client. Don’t mention that you’re a mystery shopper.

Important!The report must be sent the day your performed a check. Performed a check - send the report right away! Otherwise, we can not accept it.

We will have to exclude you from the project if:

  • you confirmed your check, but did not perform it on the appointed day and did not inform Mary Jones about the cancellation 2 times in a row;
  • you behaved rudely with Mary or other mystery shoppers;
  • you used someone else's photos in your report, reported deliberately false information about the check;
  • you tried to interact with the staff of the pizzeria, offering them help or information;
  • you have revealed yourself as a mystery shopper and employees know you in person;
  • we received a complaint from a partner on you or your behavior while performing the check;
  • you became an employee of Dodo Pizza;
  • we find out that you were an employee of Dodo Pizza or you have friends who work / worked for the company;
  • you created several accounts to participate in the project.


  • mystery shoppers acting as ordinary customers place orders and pay with their own money. After the report is accepted, the costs are reimbursed a double amount of dodo-currency or promo codes;
  • dodo money is a virtual currency that can be used for paying orders on our website or at our restaurant;
  • if there is no loyalty system in your city, then we will send you promo codes;
  • you need to be registered on our site to get the payment;
  • payments are made on Wednesdays before 18:00 (Moscow time).
  • for example:
    1. restaurant or foodcourt check: price of 2 pizzas (30 cm.) + price of 2 drinks;
    2. the price of 2 pizzas (30 cm).
  • Important! If your check takes place this week, the bonuses will be charged only on Wednesday next week.

Types of checks:

If you still have questions, check out the FAQ.